The Gem Project Fellows Network

Staying connected and supporting your growth, from intensives to cohort-based alumni opportunities!

About Us

We are a network of changemakers who started as a youth organizer in high school or college, connected and determined to bring about lasting change.

Once a fellow, always a fellow.

As a Gem Project fellow or alumni, we work to exchange opportunities, information, and skills to not just advance our world and communities, but to advance each other.

If you stumbled on this page and you're not a current fellow or alumni, but interested in knowing how to join, contact [email protected].Let's build together.

Why You Should Join ?

Once a fellow, always a fellow.

You've worked closely together during the school year or summer, building a better world by elevating your voices and participating in direct action. This is a space that will answer the "what's next," this network of courageous changemakers can do. By providing the space to network and offering opportunities to share jobs, social events, and more based on interest, we will continue to elevate each other in life

You're gifted by your lived experiences. Now, let's amplify and help you along your goals. Not tomorrow, right now.


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